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It's Dawn here and welcome to your new business.

By now, you already have my landing pages and tutorial videos.

You can go to find and approach the clients that are needing your help you there.

I've provided you with my best product...

However, I still want to work more with you.

As I said in the previous pages, the landing pages are really easy to edit. You can fill the business information in minutes and they're ready to upload. But sometimes it will take you more time to play around with the files. That's when:

  • You have many clients at once
  • Clients have a specific requests like another video to the bottom of the page, add a Google map element or more sections (you can charge extra $$$ to add customized things to the pages)
  • You just want to work even more efficiently, by having someone to customize the page for you

That's why I created this offer...

Landing Page Customization Service

Local Landing Page Pack vol.2 - Customization Service - 5-Page Package

Local Landing Page Pack vol.2 - Customization Service - 10-Page Package

What's Included In The Service?

  • I will add, edit, modify or remove anything in the landing pages as following your or your clients requests
  • This include background image change, adding videos to other places, adding more services, adding a Google map, configure a contact form...
  • The early-bird price is $47 for 5 customizations and $67 for 10 customizations

How Will This Offer Help You Work Better And Make More Money?

  • You can offer additional features like Google map, contact form, additional video placeholder for at least $50 each
  • You can make some more versions of the landing pages to enhance your library
  • Or simply you can save your time and focus on finding clients

This Is Just $0.7 More Expensive Than A Single Fiverr Gig!!

You have another option if you don't want to spend time customizing the pages. That's to go to and find a freelancer there.

But you have to pay $6 ($5 for a gig plus $1 processing fee) each single customization.

Look here again, I'm providing you full customization for juts $6.7 each page, so you know what's better right?

This price is no matter when you have clients that PAY you HIGH. Using Customization Service, you will be a middle man who doesn't have to touch to any work.

Choose Your Package Below And Make Your Life Easier!

Local Landing Page Pack vol.2 - Customization Service - 5-Page Package

Local Landing Page Pack vol.2 - Customization Service - 10-Page Package

All services are offering without refund policy. However, you can still ask for a refund if you think you accidentally purchased it and we didn't start the actual work.