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Hi JVs,

Thank you for your interest in promoting Local Landing Page Pack vol.1.
I'm Dawn, the creator of SVG Galaxy, Whiteboard Profits Academy, Whiteboard Video Fortune and Local Landing Page Pack is my latest series.

My last video and graphic launches have been serving customers from multiple niches. I always provide my customers with unique ideas, no matter which kind of product.

The idea for Local Landing Page Pack was from my works with my local clients. Most of them have a website and many are running paid traffic campaigns that target a... poorly-designed home page or contact page. This drastically dropped conversions and made the whole campaign a waste of money. And that's why I create this product.

What Is Local Landing Page Pack?

Local Landing Page Pack is... yes, a package, of 10 DFY landing page templates designed for local businesses in 10 hot & profitable niches.

Your subscribers will get 10 stunning templates that they can edit easily and sell to local businesses for at least $97 each.

The templates are proven to skyrocket conversion and leads of PPC campaigns of local businesses. Local marketers/consultants will love it, and you will make good money promoting it.

10 Hot & Profitable Niches

1. Pediatrician
2. Personal Injury Lawyer
3. Bankruptcy Lawyer
4. Pest Control
5. Painting Contractor
6. Physical Therapist
7. Insurance Agency
8. Bookkeeper
9. Electrician
10. Dermatologist

Previous Launch Status

It's not anything compared to other marketers, but I'm proud that my previous launches had good conversions and EPC's and more importantly, extremely low refund rates. With Local Landing Page Pack, you can confidently expect at least $2 EPC and 10% FE conversion.

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  • Fri., 5th Jan. 2017
  • 10:00 US Central
  • 15:00 London
  • 21:00 Vietnam

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Grab Your Affiliate Linkhttps://www.jvzoo.com/affiliates/info/287818
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Product Details

FE - Local Landing Page Pack v1

  • 10 Well-designed HTML Landing Page templates
  • Easy to edit with Notepad or Notepadd++ (tutorial video included)
  • Proven copy included, just have to replace real information
  • Free stock images included
  • Fully responsive
  • Click-to-call buttons
  • Easy to place tracking codes

OTO1 - Local Landing Page Pack Extended

  • 30 More Landing Page templates
  • Same 10 niches with the FE - 3 more variations each niches
  • 10 landing pages with video
  • 20 landing pages with cartoon images (10 with video and 10 without video)
  • 10 ready-to-use DFY local whiteboard videos

OTO2 - Customization Service

  • Customize and edit the templates to match certain clients
  • Perfect for those who don't have time or don't want to manually edit the templates
  • $47 for 5 customizations and $67 for 10 customizations

OTO3 - Exclusive Landing Page Creation Service

  • Create exclusive landing pages in other niches
  • Perfect for those who already have clients in other niches or have success with selling landing pages

Funnel Details

Why Should You Promote It?

1. Good Idea - Hungry Market

Just do a simple local keyword search on Google (like 'pest control services in houston') and you will see almost of the top sponsored results - the ones that PAY Google to be on the top - are poorly-designed homepages or even... about us pages.

With Local Landing Page Pack, your subscribers can sell well-designed landing pages that will skyrocket the conversions and get businesses tons of leads with THE SAME money spent. Imagine how much money, credibility and oppoturnity they will get!

2. Stunning Designs That Convert

All the pages are designed with user-experience and conversion in mind. They're:

  • Super FAST to load
  • Fully-responsive
  • Looking good in all devices

3. Ready-to-use Copy

While other landing page template sellers only provide the templates with sample headlines like 'This is an eye-catching... attention grabbing headline' and text like 'lorem ispum dolor sit amet', Local Landing Page Pack provides your subscribers with ready-to-use landing page copy. Just fill the info of local business to the 'blanks' and the pages will be good to use.

4. Ease Of Use

There is no 'drag and drop' software and it seems to be difficult to edit an HTML page, but with my detailed instruction, anyone can use a free software to edit the pages. The only requirement is the ability to use 'Find and Replace' function.

5-Day JV Contest

Do My Products Convert?

I didn't have dozens of products to show up, but I've experienced good conversions and EPC and extremely-low refund rates in my last launches. Local Landing Page Pack is confidently expected to be even better.

Do I Reciprocate?

Yeah, of course! 🙂

My list is small but so responsive to video-related offers. For my JV partners' launches, I always spend all the week to support them. Long-time partnership is what I'm always looking for.

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  • Fri., 5th Jan. 2017
  • 10:00 US Central
  • 15:00 London
  • 21:00 Vietnam

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